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The Board Game Workshop, Episode 29

The board game works

Well… I am officially a contributor on a podcast! I have been thinking on and off about starting a podcast or trying to be on a podcast, but nothing really surfaced for me. This is due to time, the need for a host or partner, and the lack of equipment and skills in audio recording/editing. But when I was asked to be a contributor of The Board Game Workshop, I thought… now is the time.

My segment is called Including All Meeples and the aim is to talk about inclusion and justice in the board gaming hobby, hopefully from a design perspective. My first segment is an introduction but on future segments, I will be doing deeper dives into specific topics.

Check out the podcast:

Website: http://goo.gl/CqvKYQ

iTunes: http://goo.gl/o9WQ2u

Stitcher: http://goo.gl/TuRjte

Google Play: http://goo.gl/V2iN5s


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