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Solo Gaming Roundup – 2/2/18

Since moving, I haven’t had an established weekly game night and have been hosting monthly get togethers. But a lot of my gaming sessions have been solo gaming. While I do own a good amount of games that have a solo mode, I have also been exploring free solo print and play games and solo … Continue reading

The Board Game Workshop, Episode 29

Well… I am officially a contributor on a podcast! I have been thinking on and off about starting a podcast or trying to be on a podcast, but nothing really surfaced for me. This is due to time, the need for a host or partner, and the lack of equipment and skills in audio recording/editing. … Continue reading

Where is all the Fun?

Playing board games, reading books, and writing on my blog are my hobbies. In essence, if I am not working, I am usually doing one of those three things. They provide me with time to relax, destress, and interact with my friends and family. I have fun in all three of my hobbies. Because of … Continue reading

Top 25 Board Games 2016 Edition Part 2

We are back with my top 25 games as of 2016! This was extremely challenging to put together because of all the fantastic games that exist. So how exactly do I go about creating these lists? I get a list of all the games I have played, rated over a 7 out of 10. I … Continue reading

March 2016 Update

It has definitely been a while since I have posted and a lot has happened in my personal life and in my professional life that has caused such a delay. I have plans of where my blog will progress with board/card game reviews, book reviews, and blog post about social justice issues as it relates … Continue reading

Balancing a Board Game: Equality versus Equity

Board game designers and developers put a lot of work in to make sure a game is balanced. It takes many playtest sessions and in some cases, many spreadsheets to crunch the numbers to ensure balance – that one strategy is not too powerful, that one mechanic does not break the game, or that turn … Continue reading

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