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Board Game Review: Journeys of Paul

Journeys of Paul Designer: Rob Anderson Publisher: Cactus Game Design Weight: Light Play Time: 45 minutes Type: Hand Management, Area Control?   Journeys of Paul is a competitive board game where players are trying to establish churches around the Roman Empire before ending their journey at Rome. On a players turn, they are able to … Continue reading

SES Series: Dice Masters and CCGs

The more I get into the board game hobby, the more I see the disparity of socioeconomic status (SES) represented. While many of us complain about cheap looking or feeling game components and seek out “high quality” productions, I imagine there is a good portion of people who simply cannot afford the price point “high … Continue reading

Microagressions are not Microgames

I was at the gym a couple weeks ago and a friendly gym-goer struck up a conversation and was giving me tips on how to isolate my muscle during a certain exercise. I appreciated the advice and instruction because I tend to be more of a novice when it comes to the gym and I … Continue reading

Ninjas as a Theme

Board games have a multitude of themes. Farming, pirates, zombies, civilization building… And don’t forget… NINJAS! Ninjas have been a relatively popular theme in board gaming. Some of those board games include… Smash Up (Ninja Faction) Ninja Dice Ninjato Ninja vs. ninja Ninja Burger I do like the ninja theme and have games that include … Continue reading

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