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Top 25 Games: #20 – #16

20. Welcome to the Dungeon IELLO, 2015 Masato Uesugi Push your luck, bluffing I enjoyed the game Incan Gold when I first played it but quickly tired of the push your luck mechanism. There was no “real” strategy to decide whether or not to push your luck… simply just luck and a little bit of … Continue reading

Top 25 Games: #25 – #21

  25. The Resistance Indie Boards and Cards, 2009 Don Eskridge Bluffing, negotiation, deduction The Resistance was the fourth game I bought, off of a recommendation from an online reviewer. I tend to go for more strategic style games rather than social deduction games, but I really wanted one that I could play with a … Continue reading

Top 25 Games – Honorable Mentions

Welcome to my Top 25 Games as of 2015! These are my 25 absolutely favorite games to play and share with others. Some of these games are ripe with conversation about social justice. Others, I use to get folks into the board gaming hobby to build relationships.Today, I write about five games that barely missed … Continue reading

Top 10 and End of the Year Statistics

It’s been a while. I have about five posts half written and got bogged down with work and other commitments and have not had the time to finish those posts. Now at the end of the year, I plan to write a couple of posts recapping my year in books and board games, giving some … Continue reading

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