Challenges 2018

2018 Challenges

Here are my challenges for board games and books in 2018:


Solo Gaming 10×10 Challenge

Progress: 20%

30 Rails: 3/10

Glass Road: 0/10

Hansa Teutonica: 1/10

Imperial Settlers: 2/10

Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden Game: 2/10

Navajo Wars: 1/10

Robinson Crusoe: 2/10

Spirit Island: 3/10

Subdivision: 2/10

Terraforming Mars: 4/10


Play Every Game in My Collection Challenge

Progress: 32%


Odd Duck Gaming Challenge

Progress: 4%

Antarctica: 0/5

Aquasphere: 0/5

Brew Crafters: 0/5

Captains of Industry: 05/

Chimera: 0/5

Fish Cook: 0/5

Five Cucumbers: 0/5

High Treason: 2/5

Linko!: 1/5

Matcha: 0/5

Tessen: 0/5

Valley of the Kings: 0/5

VivaJava: The Dice Game: 0/5

 Out of the Dust Challenge

In this challenge, I plan to read at least 30 books that I own. Hopefully, this will help with my issue of unread books siting on my shelves for many years.

Progress: 5/30

 Shadow in Flight by Orson Scott Card  An Artist of a Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard  So Far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins The Talisman by Stephen King


Goodreads 2018 Challenge

Progress 20/90





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