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Card Game Review: Mhing

Mhing Designer: Robert Sun Publisher: Suntex (English Edition) Players: 2-6 Weight: Light / Meduim Play Time: 15 minutes Type: Card Game, Set Collection Mhing is a card game based on Mah Jong where players use rummy style mechanics to create sets and runs. Players take turns by drawing from the face down deck or the … Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen: A Reflection on Gender Roles

About halfway through my day at a local board game café on Memorial Day, one of my friends suggested we play a game called Ladies and Gentlemen. It was perfect because the game requires teams of two (we had six players) and featured asynchronous gameplay between teammates. So we brought the game off the shelf … Continue reading

Love and Death in the Kingdom of Swaziland by Glenn Cheney

Cheney’s writing is a matter-of-fact style that does not beat around the bush of the issues facing Swaziland. The account follows two nuns who dedicate their lives to helping children and families in Swaziland facing enormous problems (HIV/AIDS epidemic, poverty, violence, hunger, etc.). I was not sure I was going to enjoy this book when … Continue reading

Reclaiming Culture, Part 1

I grew up in household devoid of a lot of Japanese traditions. Sure, we ate Japanese food and I had Japanese friends going up. However, I was not exposed to many Japanese traditions, the Japanese language, or Japanese history in the United States. I attribute the loss of our culture mainly to Japan’s involvement in … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! Designer: Nan Rangsima, Tobias Schweiger, and Phil Walker-Harding Publisher: Gamewright Players: 2-5 Weight: Super Light Play Time: 15 minutes Type: Card Drafting, Set Collection Sushi Go! is a very quick and easy card drafting game. On a turn, players will select one card simultaneously, collecting delicious looking Japanese foods in order to score … Continue reading

Why Bother?

When I talk about my attempts to diversify my book and tabletop game collection, I almost always am faced with the question… “Why bother?” These folks proceed to explain there are plenty of high quality authors and board game designers who create and end up publishing a significant amount of work. While I agree, I … Continue reading

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