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Top 100 Games of Right Now (Intro)

Reading and gaming for justice

When I first joined the hobby, I was enamored with Top 100 lists. To me, for someone to go through every game they played and rank 100 of them seemed… ridiculous! Maybe because at that point I had played about 10 different modern board games. Maybe because I did not really know what separates #83 from #84. Whatever the reason, it’s been four years since getting back into gaming and I have not made a Top 100. This year, I finally think I have played enough games and have enough plays to effectively create this list. I want to take the time to introduce this blogging series and the process behind my decisions.

  • I do not believe in “Top 100 Games of All Time” because it implies that they will not change… which is not true at all. This list is always in flux and may even change as I am writing and posting. This is normal as I play new games or I play games multiple times. This list is current as of February 27, 2018.
  • I think all the games in my Top 100 of Right Now are GREAT and will happily play any of them. Number 100 is not a bad game.
  • I did not distinguish between different types of games in this process. I compared large games like Cyclades to small trick-taking games like Five Cucumbers. What the decision came down to was a) How much do I want to play the game b) How much more do I want to play the game in comparison to other games c) How much fun do I have playing the game.
  • I eliminated some games that I enjoyed based on the theme. Notable omissions include Mombasa, Five Tribes, and Wendake.
  • I included games that I think have problems with their theme and representation and I will call it out in the list.
  • Process: I looked through the list of all games that I have played and I wrote down the name of 200 games on half-index cards. I shuffled the cards up and picked one. I then went through the rest of the stack and decided if I like that game better or worse that the game on the table. I did this until I had 200 games in order.

This will be a journey of 10 posts, each with 10 games and a brief blurb about why I like the game. I hope you all find new games or oldies that you also enjoy!


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