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Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction 2017


It’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction! Each year since I joined the hobby, I participate by putting up items for auction, bidding on items, and volunteering to help manage different aspects of the auction. This auction is to raise money for the charity fund that gives out money to gamers in need – mostly for one time emergencies where money may be tight. The fund was started by Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower after his son passed away at a very early age. After experiencing the generous outpouring from the gaming community, Tom wanted to give back while remembering his son. The fund has helped many people over the course of the year and this auction is a huge help, raising almost $70,000 last year. I may be critical of the Dice Tower now and than but they really do put their best foot forward in helping people and striving for inclusion.

Take some time and check out the auction. Maybe you have a game lying around that you could put up. Maybe you are looking to bid on an item (please do not feel pressured if you do not have the means to bid – items usually go at a very high price, way above the actual value of the item). Maybe you can help spread the word! Whatever you do to support, we appreciate it.

Link to the Auction



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