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Including New Meeples #1: Password

When I was growing up, my family loved to play Password. First published in 1962, this classic word association game remains in print today. What my family enjoyed about Password was the challenge of finding a one word clue in order to get others to guess the (pass)word. This is not only a clever minimalist … Continue reading

Including New Meeples: A New Series on Introducing People to the Board Game Hobby

I first got into the designer board game hobby a while back. I was playing Catan with some family (which was the only ‘designer’ game I knew at the time) and we were all having a great time. I always liked games but never knew there was anything more than your basic mass market party … Continue reading

Card Game Review: Mhing

Mhing Designer: Robert Sun Publisher: Suntex (English Edition) Players: 2-6 Weight: Light / Meduim Play Time: 15 minutes Type: Card Game, Set Collection Mhing is a card game based on Mah Jong where players use rummy style mechanics to create sets and runs. Players take turns by drawing from the face down deck or the … Continue reading

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