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Top 25 Board Games 2016 Edition Part 2

We are back with my top 25 games as of 2016! This was extremely challenging to put together because of all the fantastic games that exist. So how exactly do I go about creating these lists? I get a list of all the games I have played, rated over a 7 out of 10. I … Continue reading

Top 25 Board Games: 2016 Edition Part 1

It’s that time of year again. Time to think about all the board and cards games I have played and which ones are my favorites. While I played a lot of new games this year, there does not seem to be that many changes in my top 25 games. This is part one of a … Continue reading

Top 25 Games: #5 – #1

5. Codenames Czech Games Edition, 2015 Vlaada Chvátil Word association This game took the board gaming community by storm. I told myself I was not going to get swept up into this hype, but I knew I probably would like this game because it is *similar* to the old word game Password. I played it … Continue reading

Top 25 Games: #10 – #6

10. Hansa Teutonica Argentum Verlag, 2009 Andreas Steding Action point allowance, route building, area majority A friend of mine introduced me to Hansa Teutonica during a game marathon day last year. I didn’t really know what to expect – I saw the drab cover art… the very German name… the very Euro looking game board, … Continue reading

Top 25 Games: #15 – #11

15. 7 Wonders Repos Productions, 2013 Antoine Bauza Drafting At number 15 comes 7 Wonders. This is a pretty light civilization building card drafting game. Players simultaneously choose one card from their hand to play and pass the rest of their hand to the next player. This is done several times over the three rounds … Continue reading

Top 25 Games: #25 – #21

  25. The Resistance Indie Boards and Cards, 2009 Don Eskridge Bluffing, negotiation, deduction The Resistance was the fourth game I bought, off of a recommendation from an online reviewer. I tend to go for more strategic style games rather than social deduction games, but I really wanted one that I could play with a … Continue reading

Top 25 Games – Honorable Mentions

Welcome to my Top 25 Games as of 2015! These are my 25 absolutely favorite games to play and share with others. Some of these games are ripe with conversation about social justice. Others, I use to get folks into the board gaming hobby to build relationships.Today, I write about five games that barely missed … Continue reading

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