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Top 10 and End of the Year Statistics

It’s been a while. I have about five posts half written and got bogged down with work and other commitments and have not had the time to finish those posts. Now at the end of the year, I plan to write a couple of posts recapping my year in books and board games, giving some … Continue reading

Wow… I’m Tired

There comes a point in most folks life and work where you just feel… tired. I don’t just mean feeling tired after a day of work and needing to sleep at a decent time. I don’t mean “we stayed up a bit later than usual last night” tired. When engaged in social justice work relentlessly … Continue reading

Why Bother?

When I talk about my attempts to diversify my book and tabletop game collection, I almost always am faced with the question… “Why bother?” These folks proceed to explain there are plenty of high quality authors and board game designers who create and end up publishing a significant amount of work. While I agree, I … Continue reading

Books I am Currently Reading

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