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Waka Tanka: A Response to Bruno Faidutti

I wrote a post last month about appropriation and amalgamation of indigenous cultures to use as board game themes. A short while after, I saw a new game, being brought to the United States by Cool Mini or Not, designed by Bruno Faidutti, Waka Tanka. This is a small bluffing card game with some sort … Continue reading


Well… we are back again talking about microagressions. Earlier this week, a couple members of the board gaming community posted media imitating a cultural/ethnic/racial accent. Almost instantly, the twiterverse blew up with tweets of anger and offence, calling these folks out in public as racist. Are they racist? Most likely not. Most likely they had … Continue reading

Microagressions are not Microgames

I was at the gym a couple weeks ago and a friendly gym-goer struck up a conversation and was giving me tips on how to isolate my muscle during a certain exercise. I appreciated the advice and instruction because I tend to be more of a novice when it comes to the gym and I … Continue reading

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