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Book Review: House of Many Gods by Kiana Davenport

House of Many Gods by Kiana Davenport was the only book by a Native Hawaiian author I found at my local library. My library did carry a selection of the “top books about or set in Hawaii,” but unfortunately those books are written by White authors or non-Native Hawaiian authors born or living in Hawaii. Kiana Davenport … Continue reading

Reframing Language: “This Game is Crazy!”

One of the most said lines from board game reviewers and board game content creators I hear is: “This game is crazy!” Besides not knowing what the reviewer even means by this statement, ‘crazy’ has very apparent ableist connotation. The same goes for insane, mad, madness, madhouse… you get the point. Crazy is one of … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Micro Rome

Designer: Michael Bevilacqua Publisher: Self-Published Players: 1 Weight: Super Light Play Time: ~15 min Type: card laying, set collection, city building Micro Rome is a small solo card laying game where the player is constructing the city of Rome in order to build the… best city ever! I guess we are (solo) city planners in some way, … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Smash Up

Designer: Paul Peterson Publisher: AEG Players: 2-4 Weight: Light Play Time: ~45 min Type: tactical card game, area control   Smash Up is a tactical card game where players take two factions and “smash them up” to form their draw deck for the game. These factions included in the base set are dinosaurs with lasers, ninjas, … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Hyperspace Smuggle

Designer: Greg Loring-Albright Publisher: Plain Sight Games Players: 2-4 Weight: Light Play Time: ~60 min Type: pick up and delivery, hand management, tile placement   Hyperspace Smuggler is a pick up and delivery game with a clever hand management and tile laying aspect set in a futuristic space world! Players take on the roles of space station smugglers … Continue reading

Board Game Review: The Resistance

Designer: Don Eskridge Publisher: Indie Board and Cards Players: 5-10 Weight: Light Play Time: ~20 min Type: Social deduction, bluffing       The Resistance is a social deduction game where players are a part of a resistance to overthrow a corrupt government. But unbeknownst to them, the are government spies in their midst! The resistance must go on missions … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Journeys of Paul

Journeys of Paul Designer: Rob Anderson Publisher: Cactus Game Design Weight: Light Play Time: 45 minutes Type: Hand Management, Area Control?   Journeys of Paul is a competitive board game where players are trying to establish churches around the Roman Empire before ending their journey at Rome. On a players turn, they are able to … Continue reading

Card Game Review: Mhing

Mhing Designer: Robert Sun Publisher: Suntex (English Edition) Players: 2-6 Weight: Light / Meduim Play Time: 15 minutes Type: Card Game, Set Collection Mhing is a card game based on Mah Jong where players use rummy style mechanics to create sets and runs. Players take turns by drawing from the face down deck or the … Continue reading

Board Game Review: Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! Designer: Nan Rangsima, Tobias Schweiger, and Phil Walker-Harding Publisher: Gamewright Players: 2-5 Weight: Super Light Play Time: 15 minutes Type: Card Drafting, Set Collection Sushi Go! is a very quick and easy card drafting game. On a turn, players will select one card simultaneously, collecting delicious looking Japanese foods in order to score … Continue reading

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