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Yes, Branding

When I started this blog, I had no idea where I wanted to take it. I simply wanted an outlet to write about books, games, and the social issues I saw go along with them. I used my personal social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, BoardGameGeek, Email, etc.) in order to publicize my posts and tweet about important issues in our hobbies. Recently I have been thinking… Where is this all going?

I have decided to brand Reading and Gaming for Justice in a way that separates my blog and other media from my personal accounts. First and foremost, I created new media accounts for email, Twitter, and Instagram:

Twitter: @_gaming4justice
Instagram: gaming4justice
Email: gaming4justice@gamail.com

From here on out, I will be using these accounts mainly when I post blogs, pictures, and other media. I will still be using my personal accounts (@bsoltis), but not as heavily… probably for retweets and quote tweets.

Second, I created a logo for the blog:


I will be using this as my avatar moving forward with this blog.

I do not know where this blog / media / content creation will take me – more writing, pictures, videos, podcasts, etc. and I want to keep it open for myself and potentially anyone else’s who would be passionate to work in this space. For now, I will keep doing what I am doing – reviewing, rambling, engaging in social justice. Thank you for reading!


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